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Kaley Cuoco as an alcoholic flight attendant in The Flight Attendant

Between black comedy and thriller the series The Flight Attendant features Kaley Cuoco The Big Bang Theory in the role of an air hostess who suspected of murder must prove her innocence. The first season is currently on RTS.

Party girl carefree and alcoholic it is not uncommon for American flight attendant Cassandra Bowden Kaley Cuoco to sleep with strangers including among her passengers. One morning she wakes up in a Bangkok hotel room with a hangover and a murdered man by her side Michiel Huisman. Not remembering anything and for fear of being accused of murder she decides not to call the police and to act as if nothing had happened. Back in New York she is greeted by FBI agents who question her about her stopover in Bangkok. Still unable to reconstruct her night suffering from intermittent hallucinations about it and wondering about her possible guilt she sets off in search of the truth.

So much for the pitch of the first season of The Flight Attendant a series based on a novel of the same name by Chris Bohjalian which begins as a comedy before settling in a genre closer to the thriller. Its a nice surprise. Its fun and it works says Stéphanie Reinhard director of the press cartoon house in Morges and series critic for RTS. At first glance one might think that we are in a rather banal story of murder whose author must be found. But the series goes further by focusing on the psychology of Cassie Bowden who gradually sinking into a kind of madness will have to work on herself in order to face her problems and reality.

At times the form joins the substance. We no longer know where reality is and where fantasy is and it works very well adds Stéphanie Reinhard. Max had planned an eightepisode miniseries. Faced with critical and public success when it first aired in late 2020 as well as several Emmy and Golden Globe nominations in 2021 the platform ordered a second season which has just been released. broadcast in the United States with guest star Sharon Stone as the heroines mother.

The Flight Attendant was also a test for Kaley Cuoco who played for twelve seasons in the hit series The Big Bang Theory. In this more dramatic register the 36yearold American actress also producer of the series is perfectly credible and easily manages to make us forget Penny.

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