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Joey King turns into Rapunzel with hiplength hair

In his upcoming film The Princess Joey King transforms into a longhaired badass on a mission. In the trailer we see King playing you guessed it a fieryhaired princess locked in a tower after refusing to marry a terrible man. He was literally kicking ass as a thick mane of red waves flowed around him.

In real life The Kissing Booth actresss highlighted brown hair tends to fall in loose waves that brush against her collarbone. But his signature lob is nowhere to be seen in the trailer for nearly two minutes. Instead it was replaced by a dramatic hip length wig. This copper hair is parted in the middle and braided as the trailer begins but the sleek hairstyle is shortlived as Kings character has to fight two guards. His wavy hair becomes messy and tangled as he fights to save his kingdom and more importantly his family.

This isnt the first time Joey King has tried a completely different hairstyle for a role. This haircut and color transformation is pretty tame compared to when she cut her hair short for her role as Gypsy Rose Blanchard in the miniseries The Act 2019. We have to put our stamp of approval on this wavy hair as one of our favorite wigs in film and television this year. King definitely fits the royal role with this long red wave it even looks like a liveaction version of Merida from Pixars Brave. Youll be able to see every inch of her gorgeous hair when The Princess officially streams on Hulu on July 1. This story originally appeared on Allure.

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