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Jeremy Clarkson Sheds Light On Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 Release Date

Fans of the first series of Clarksons Farm have been waiting patiently after the positive reviews flooded the Amazon Prime show. But now fans will be pleased that Jeremy Clarkson has shed light on the release date of Season 2 in the comments of a recent Instagram post.

The first series of Clarksons Farm consisted of 8 episodes and each one was positively received by his fans. In a review for Grand Tour Nation I called it a brilliant return to journalism as the presenter moved away from his entertaining car shows and took on a new industry to explore. It was plainly inspirational. Which I think is what he intended it to be.Alongside Kaleb Cooper and a number of other knowledgeable and funny people Clarkson gave us the ins and outs of farming. Not just the glitz and glammer of the work but the sad annoying and boring parts too. All while adding his own charm. And now we are in for a second season.While we do not have an exact release date Jeremy has pinpointed the time of year we are waiting for Filming ends in mid July. So it should be edited and ready to go early in the new year.Thats ages Jeremy. Have a word please one fan replied .

Another added possibly the slowest edit in the world. Our favourite people will be returning. Kaleb Cooper will obviously be back but we will also see Cheerful Charlie Gerald Cooper and Clarksons partner herself Lisa Hogan.While Season 1 focussed on starting the farm and setting in place his first revenue streams I expect this upcoming season to focus on retaining what he has already built while trying to diversify. Diversify will likely be the word we hear the most during the season as Jeremy attempts to build up more revenue streams such as his Hawkstone Lager and Kalebs cider more products in the Diddly Squat Farm Shop such as his gin milk honey etc and the failed restaurant attempt.

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