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Jenna Ortega is the It Girl of the moment in Horror

With A24 hits like X under her belt and the next Addams Family spinoff due on Wednesday Jenna Ortega is making waves as the biggest thing in horror.

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The final girl a mainstay of the horror genre is currently being mixed with the It Girl concept. And Jenna Ortegas impressive recent and upcoming projects are quickly making her the horror It Girl of the moment. With an impressive roster of characters Ortega has made a name for himself in the industry. But especially when it comes to horror she has selected some fascinating projects and has almost literally acted with all her heart in all of them.

Jenna Ortegas Screamworthy Performance in Scream 5
Cinema Jenny Ortega in Scream 5 One of the most anticipated and successful recent horror reboots was the return of the Scream franchise with 2022s Scream intended to fuel a new generation of Ghostfaces. Headlining the cast of new heroes and new final girls for Woodsboro California Ortega plays Tara Carpenter who becomes the new Ghostfaces first attack and whose sister has secret ties to Billy Loomis from the first Scream. Taras version of her is a nuanced look at a scared character and is a compelling starting point for a new set of stories. In fact her performance in her perennial favorite franchise was so good that she recently won the MTV Movie & TV Awards for Most Scared Performance.

The X of A24 marked the spot for Jenna Ortegas horror highs

In A24s art slasher X Ortega flexes her Scream Queen muscles as Lorraine a lovable heroine dragged into a house of horrors by her boyfriend. She goes through a classic horror trauma finding a dead body suffering bodily harm and acts convincingly without being over the top or overly serious. And her acting like Lorraine makes her even more upset when her escape attempt is literally shot down.

Studio 666 became a hit with the help of Jenna Ortega
Jenna Ortega Skye Study 666 Ortegas turn as Skye Willow in Studio 666 the horror comedy from the iconic band Foo Fighters adds another level of horror acting to her resume. She begins the appearances as the films first onscreen victim of the forces of evil. Shes a fast and brutal role but shes a memorable catalyst for everything the film has to offer.

Jenna Ortegas killer camping in The Babysitter Killer Queen
jenna ortega nanny killer queen phoebe Netflixs bloody black comedy The Babysitter Killer Queen brings selfaware cheesy beats to the horror sequel game. Ortega plays a new student Phoebe who finds herself involved in helping Cole the protagonist of The Babysitter evade the evil cultists who are after him. In addition to being a complete character Phoebe subverts the have sex get killed stereotype when sleeping with Cole is what ruins the cultists plans. Its a well played role in a horror movie with fun emotions.

Jenna Ortega in Wednesday American Carnage & Scream 6
wednesday addams jenny ortega netflix header Next Ortega has three solid terror projects on the horizon. American Carnage while not a big franchise name like her other roles in production appears to be another horrorcomedy keeping her terrifying performances fresh and accessible. Details about Scream 6 have started to emerge. And while the disappointment over Neve Campbells departure from the franchise is palpable Ortegaas continued performance as Tara will carry the torch. And with Netflixs recent Wednesday teaser trailer which features the modern version of her as the spitting image of the iconic Addams Family girl Jenna Ortegas hype is at an alltime high.

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