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Into the Badlands concludes with a bittersweet finale

Spoiler Warning If you havent watched the Season 3 finale of Into the Badlands Seven Strike as One you might want to turn back now. Besides as we all know No one escapes the Badlands.

Well this is it friends The final episode of Into the Badlands as we know it is here and Im approaching it with a bevy of mixed emotions. Sadness of course because its not just the season finale but the series finale meaning there wont be any more with our faves after this moment. But theres happiness too because for as long as weve had this show weve gotten to witness some truly amazing storytelling complete with martial arts brilliance onscreen.

On a personal note I first started covering this show for SYFY WIRE FANGRRLS last season and throughout my time on the Badlands beat Ive gotten the opportunity to talk to so many people involved with the making of this series both in front of and behind the camera and its been a truly rewarding and meaningful experience.
Lets do this one more time shall we?

Previously Everyone has the chance to catch their breath and mourn the fallen after the first battle between the Widow and Pilgrims armies sort of ended in a draw. Meanwhile the Widows feeling less motivated on the whole war front given that she just found out shes going to be a mother while Kannins attempts to get through to Pilgrim end up with her losing her gift. Oh and apparently the Black Lotus is helping the good guys now? Its like cats and dogs living together or something. Either way its time to gear up for the final showdown and see who emerges victorious at the bitter end.

We get one tiny little moment between the Widow and Sunny to kick off the episode — it seems that after the earlier claim he made to take her down after the war with Pilgrim is over hes starting to have second thoughts about it. Could it be that hes feeling more forgiving of her now that he knows shes going to have a child of her own? Its possible that her giving him the gift of Waldos old sword didnt hurt all that much but really who needs to be holding on to old grudges like that when theres a war going on? Its bad for the indigestion.

Pilgrim rounds up his followers with a new mission — to spread his gospel essentially and to bring anyone back whos interested in receiving the gift for themselves. What happens if someone declines? Well Im glad you asked because Pilgrims orders are basically for them to wield death and destruction against anyone who would oppose such a generous offer. But he has to make sure his loyal acolytes know how to wield their gift before leaving. Enter MK whos definitely scarred to heck and back and challenges the fighters to find the darkness within themselves. One by one each opens their eyes and one by one everyones eyes have turned black.

But Pilgrims plan isnt just intended for the newbies. No he firmly informs Cressida that shell be receiving the gift too. Cressida to her credit tries to protest insisting she has her own powers from a unique source — but Pilgrim all but threatens her into it. Meanwhile shes trying to find a way through to him to remind him that building a new world cant consist of killing everyone different from them but it seems Pilgrims too deep in his own darkness to even consider a vacation on the light side in creating Azra 2.0. Im starting to think this is going to be the moment where they part ways.

The group thats assembled splits off into two factions — Gaius Tilda and the Widow set off toward the Meridian Chamber to destroy it for good and when the trio stumbles upon the violence Pilgrims followers have left in their wake Minerva tells Tilda its not too late for her to turn back to find happiness with Odessa if thats what she wants. For so long she demanded strength from her daughter because she thought it would make her a good fighter — but shes realizing thats not the right move at all. Its having people to be strong for that matters. But Tilda says albeit with some sadness that its too late for her and Odessa — and shes staying by her mothers side no matter what happens.

The Black Lotus and their ships lead the charge to Pilgrims fortress headon accompanied by Sunny Bajie Moon and Kannin. Cressida uses the calm before the storm to inform Pilgrim about the terrible vision she had in last weeks episode but her confession paired with the argument that he was not meant to have the gift after all earns her a literal blow from Pilgrims hand and his reiteration that she will accept the gift whether she wants it or not. When Sunnys group finally breaches the front gates of the fortress Cressida steals away amid the chaos of the battle lying through her teeth to one of Pilgrims followers so hell escort her to a ship waiting nearby.

The trio at the Meridian Chamber is about to blow the whole thing to pieces when MK arrives to break up the party — and tries to dissuade the Widow from destroying it all by inviting her to take her gift back. But Minervas seen what the gift can do and shes not going to embrace something that comes at a cost to the people she loves. So now its three against one — and with his gift MK proves a fearsome opponent for all three fighters eventually getting the upper hand on both Gaius and Tilda. But when he throws his sword at the Widows belly Tilda steps forward to block its trajectory and takes the blow herself if you could hear the scream I let out when this moment happened yall. In her grief the Widow taps into her most painful place and at that moment … her eyes go black.

THE GIFT HAS BEEN INSIDE HER ALL ALONG. And not only can she wield it but she can also do things with it weve never seen before throwing MK across the room with something that looks like a type of energy. And when she finally drives her weapon into his chest it feels like an empty moment of vengeful satisfaction … until Gaius says that Tildas still got a pulse. The Meridian Chamber explodes MK finally at peace from the darkness while our three faves make a speedy getaway to take Tilda to a healer.

It may be inevitable but when the dust settles inside the fortress and bodies are strewn all around the only ones left standing are Sunny Bajie Kannin … and Pilgrim. Another threeagainstone scenario and only one person has a gift in this situation. Sunnys plan to attack Pilgrim headon with Bajie and Kannin flanking him seems to start off solid but theres only so much each of them can accomplish against a skilled fighter in possession of the gift and eventually both Bajie and Kannin have been knocked down. With them out for the count its up to Sunny now and hes literally throwing every technique he has at his oncebrotherturnedenemy.

But maybe the show was building to a conflict that saw them both defeated all along because Pilgrim runs Sunny through with a sword but then Kannin uses the distraction to stab him with the hooks Cressida once used for her vision all those weeks ago while Bajie hauls him up into the air. Bleeding out seemingly done for good Bajie urges his friend to get up and fight — and Sunny literally gathers enough strength within himself to freaking pull the sword out of himself and use it to kill Pilgrim.

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