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How Long Did Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter Date After Meeting on ‘Dexter’?

Dexter has set some kind of record. The last season was in 2013 or so everyone thought. But Showtime brought the series back in 2021 in the form of Dexter New Blood. How many shows are revived almost 20 years later?Naturally Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter reprised their roles because Dexter would not be the same without the two of them. However their relationship is not the same. While working on the original Dexter series Hall and Carpenter met married and then divorced. Heres what we know about their former relationship.

On the show Hall and Carpenter play brother and sister. He has the murderous titular character and she has the cop. The two represent the classic good and evil dichotomy although nothing is that black and white on Dexter. As brother and sister Hall and Carpenters characters do not have a lot of on-screen chemistry. But that did not stop something from blossoming between the actors themselves. Hall and Carpenter announced they were dating in 2007 according to InStyle. This was just a year after they met on the set of Dexter. A year later in 2008 the two tied the knot in an intimate ceremony. Hall and Carpenter eloped so even their family was absent on their big day. Carpenter has said she feels a wedding is a special commitment between two people its best celebrated with only those two people present.

The on screen siblings continued to work on Dexter together after their wedding and even after Hall was diagnosed with a serious disease. In 2009 Hall announced he had Non Hodgkins lymphoma a serious and sometimes fatal cancer. The treatment is intense and Carpenter helped her husband through it. Once he was cancer free however things fizzled. The two did not let their divorce affect their work. The original Dexter aired until 2013 three years after the official end of Hall and Carpenters relationship. The two continued filming together and things remained civil on set. Now on the set of Dexter New Blood Hall and Carpenter are working together again.

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