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Heartstopper DP Diana Olifrova on Split Screens, Shooting Intimate Scenes, and Her Camera & Lighting Package

The new Netflix series Heartstopper has been a big hit for the streaming service garnering praise for its positive depiction of LGBTQ teens.Based on Alice Osemans graphic novel the series charts the unlikely romance between Charlie Spring Locke and Nick Nelson Kit Connor classmates at an upscale British grammar school. The duo has been a favorite of Netflix subscribers since Season 1 premiered in July and the streamer has already renewed Heartstopper for two more seasons.

Oseman adapted her own graphic novel and the series was directed by Euros Lyn who worked on Sherlock and Black Mirror. The young ensemble cast also includes Yasmin Finney as Elle Charlies transgender friend Sebastian Croft as Ben abusive classmate and Oscar winner Olivia Colman as Nicks mother.All eight episodes were shot by Diana Olifrova winner of the British Society of Cinematographers Emerging Cinematographers Award for the short film All Of Me from director Daphne Schmon. Olifrova also shot Season of Peacocks We Are Lady Parts and the final two episodes of HBOs horror comedy The Baby. She recently spoke with Below the Line over Google Meet and the conversation was quite illuminating.

Olifrova Sure more soft focus no contrast. I created a LUTS beforehand with my colorist Tobias James Tomkins to get a sort of retro look. We were shooting over seasons so we could emphasize the different time frames in the grade because we used different white balances. In the winter I went slightly colder in the summer much warmer in lighting and color balance especially on the exteriors. Also I applied filters. I had a pearlescent filter that I was using at 1.8 in the winter and then a quarter or a half by the summer.Olifrova At the school. We had that location for a couple of weeks before we started so I could do tests. We tried different gels in the schools ceiling lighting panels. I tried yellow and slightly more green. It was quite an old school school and I wanted it to be a little less appealing, a bit more uneven. Dirtier to contrast with the feelings and romance of the story and to make the space art room that was designed by the brilliant Tim Dickel very cozy.

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