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Hailee Steinfeld in “Ms. Marvel”? Understand theory about supposed crossover

Ms. Marvel Hailee Steinfeld may appear in the series. Ms. Marvel is the topic of the moment after the launch of the 1st episode of the series on Disney+ last Wednesday 8. But fans of Marvel are already looking forward to the next episodes and watch out for any details that may give clues. Even a viewer noticed a discreet mention of Hailee Steinfeld could mean a participation of Kate Bishop from Hawkeye soon. Check out!

Ms. Marvel was released last Wednesday 8 with a lot of representation and incredible scenes. The first episode Generation Why? is now available on Disney+ which will feature six chapters which will be released weekly. In other words the adventures of the Muslim heroine of Marvel are just beginning, but it is clear that fans already have many theories about what is to come.One of the strongest is about a possible character that could be part of Ms. Marvel in the future. With eagle eyes the fandom soon noticed the mention of Hailee Steinfelds name Kate Bishop also known as Hawkeye Archer and is already sure that a crossover will happen in the next episodes.

Will Hailee Steinfeld Be A Part Of “Ms. Marvel”?

When we say that no easter egg or clue escapes Marvel fans its true. At the end of the first episode of Ms. Marvel many viewers stayed until the end of the credits and noticed something suspicious. A specific account on Twitter noticed that makeup artist Chris Milone is listed as the person responsible for the makeup of Miss Steinfeld. If the credits for all episodes are standardized referencing the professionals who worked throughout the series in general that could mean that Hailee Steinfeld could appear as Hawkeye soon. After all actors who need makeup to carry out filming.The soundtrack is also a very important part of the MCU movies and series. BTS himself was previously a part of Eternals with the Jimin produced song Friends. Now its The Weeknd’s turn to rock the universe with the hit Blinding Lights.

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