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FreeFatima 5 Storylines for Sistas That We Need In Our Lives

Sistas is one of the most dramaful yes dramaful shows on TV. The popular series centers around the lives of five thirtysomething girlfriends and sometimes their friends who just cant get right when it comes to navigating the areas of love and relationships. If youre not caught up yet why wait any longer? You can stream episodes exclusively on BET+ if youre hungry for all the salaciousness. But if you are already a fan and looking forward to Season 5 what would you like to see play out?

For us here at BET.com like all TV watchers there are probably a few imagined scenarios in your mind that youd love to see for each of the popular characters.
With that said heres a rundown of five storylines that we need in our lives.
Maurice might as well be the sixth sista. Hes Sabrinas work bestie turned reallife bestie and we get to watch a lot of his drama play out. He keeps it real with Sabrina and gives her practical advice that she doesnt follow but he needs to follow his own intuition and rid himself of Que.

Granted he has been good about ignoring Ques advances but Que shouldnt even have been allowed to stay in his home after robbing him at gunpoint? Who does that! Anyway its unfortunate that Maurice still has feelings for Que but its time to move on. Maurice definitely realizes that theyll never work but theres still a piece of him that wants to indulge. This is a nogo. What we want for Maurice is to play the field for a little bit and find a stable sane boo who is not prone to egregious criminal activity.

Karen kept playing Zac to the left when he got serious about her and it came back to bite when he finally had enough of her illtreatment of him and moved on to Fatima.
However unfortunately for Zac she found out she was pregnant and believes the baby to be his. Actually she wants the baby to be his because she thinks it could be a way for them to get back together. Meanwhile Aaron the next man who loves her thinks that she should actually get serious about the baby and this is his based on the timing.

While Aaron makes sense to be the papa we havent had any DNA tests done yet because we have to wait for the baby to get here. But wouldnt it be the ultimate scandal if Karens baby belonged to neither Zac nor Aaron?! Sure we havent known Karen to be dealing with anyone else but there could have been some offcamera trysts happening so this would be perfect especially because we know everyone cant be happy on this show. We dont condone violence in real life but its fine on a TV show. Its time Gary does something so shady that it cant possibly be mistaken for him doing it out of his love for Andi.

I mean obviously we know that Gary cant be trusted but hes still in Andis orbit and its time he leaves her alone. We already know that Fatima is crazy and Maurice got hands so maybe the group will come together and send him a message to leave Andi alone once and for all. Again not everyone can have a happy ending on this show but its time for Danni to realize that Preston loves her and stops sabotaging that relationship. She has done everything she can to push that man away and he still wants to be with her. She is going to mess around and end up like Karen but we dont want that for her… or do we?

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