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Fear the Walking Dead S08 Madison FATHER TWD / FTWD Timeline More

Even with Tales of the Walking Dead hitting our screens in August the third and final season 11 of The Walking Dead soon after and feeling like we havent had a Sunday night in the last 37 months theres still something very strange about not having any Something on AMC tonight has to do with the world of TWD. So whats better than today and whats even better than now to share some thoughts on what wed like to see with Fear the Walking Dead Season 8.

Now if youve checked our review of S07E16 Gone which you can check out here you know the end of the season was Mixed bag for us. On the plus side its positioned the longrange transverse device to move the action into great literal and pictorial terrain. But on the downside is it nice to see Madison Clarke back from Kim Dickens? Season finale and series writers Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg dropped the ball on his full comeback and initial backstory. But that doesnt mean it cant be fixed because Madison is one of the topics well cover next. Talking about…

We need to know Madison Clark now its great that Dickens is back. Its great to be back Madison. It wasnt great how they brought it back. just put? If Madison is to return after spending some serious time as a serial kidnapper on behalf of a shadowy underground group viewers will have to learn more about her background before she returns in the series finale. season two. Because right now it feels like a huge leap in Madisons character since we last saw her from heroine to heartless monster. Now that Madison and Morgan Lennie James are on their way to FATHER there should be excellent opportunities for viewers to see how bad things are for her to take the path she chose.

No family reunion anytime soon I know old fans might not like this but we can/should hope that Madison Alicia Alicia Debnam Curry and Strand Coleman Domingo get together soon although Im fine with Luciana de Danae Garcia and Daniel de Rubin Blades see Madison again because that must be cool. With Alicia from DebnamCarey I hope they take the absence makes heart grow approach and then take her back to her own adventure in Tales TWD before fully returning to the main universe whatever that format is. Then.

As for Domingos Strand I think we should go the Negan redemption route as Strand has his own side story for the main action. Since Strand did a lot of bad things during his reign in the Tower and dont forget that trying to kill Morgan resulted in wasted time allowing a missile to be fired the only way you can get him to meet our survivors in Season 8 is if you take Carol And act as an outsider who attacks his way to the father to save others. Because remember… the guy made people pull the ceiling as punishment.

Merging the worlds of Fear the Walking Dead / The Walking Dead See people with brains and higher salaries than I can ever figure out but lets line up the timelines for the two shows again. And since he mentioned his old friends shortly before the season ended maybe its time for Morgan to come home from TWD. Imagine the stories they could tell while serving as the perfect bridge to tie the shows together before Rick Grimes movies bring us hopefully some good like Avengers Endgame.

Take a page from Star Trek Deep Space Nine I mentioned this in an article about seasons 4 and 5 but wouldnt it be nice to see how theyd work with a real community thats already starting to connect? And save others? It could be like Star Trek Deep Space Nine from the TWD universe and itd be a good way to mix things up a bit. Also how cool would the story be to drop after two or more seasons? That could be epic.

If everyone is a mysterious secret organization is there a mysterious secret organization? CRM…commonwealth…and now dad? See thats the thing. Were starting to get to the point where its hard to believe that these entities dont know each other. If Chambliss and Ian Goldberg really want to impress next season let FATHER become something of a CRM hub. Given what we learned about them in The Walking Dead World Beyond it would definitely fit the bill.


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