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Everything We Know About Season 3 of Sweet Magnolias

When it comes to true Southern hospitality and celebrating the deep bonds of family and female friendship there are few tales as delightful as Sweet Magnolias and this is why we are rejoicing at the news of Netflixs recent announcement that the series has been renewed for Season 3. We are all eager as the show often reminds us during Margarita night to Pour it out Showrunner Sheryl J. Anderson promises much more of what we love about Sweet Magnolias more romance drama and relationship angst. I can tell everyone that there will be all of that and more Anderson exclusively tells Parade.com.

There will be some big questions answered some big questions asked for the first time and all the humor passion laughter and tears and Margaritas that you have come to count on Acknowledging all of the cliffhangers and relationship drama that took place in Season 2 Anderson added We deeply appreciate how invested people are in the various relationships on the show. I want people to feel that people in Serenity are like the people who live next door across the street or down the street from them. What the series does so well Anderson says is to provide comfort and support. It tells our viewers that they are not alone—all of these are important messages
Sweet Magnolias centers around three best friends Maddie Helen and Dana Sue who were born and raised in picturesque Serenity South Carolina a small southern town where everybody knows one another as well as each others business.

There are often wagging tongues prying eyes and meddlesome neighbors but there is also a great deal of love and concern for one another during both tragedies and triumphs. The three BFFs are able to lift each other up as they juggle romance relationships careers and family matters in their charming town. Anderson believes that fans around the world continue to remain so invested in the show because of the universal themes that they can relate to in their own lives. When we first started the show I saw Sweet Magnolias as a testament to the power of female friendship Anderson explains. Over time I have come to see it as showing the power of community. You can sit with the folks of Serenity and find comfort especially during the pandemic when you miss and cant see your loved ones. We hope that when the pandemic ends the love for Serenity will continue.

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The heartfelt and familyfriendly shows recipe for success includes its exploration of the universal themes of new love romance heartbreak betrayal family angst smalltown gossip and the beloved best friends who keep us sane through all of this. In the same way that the chicken pot pie and the other comfort food served at Dana Sues Sullivans restaurant soothes her customers Sweet Magnolias continues to provide its viewers with delightful satisfying and scrumptious morsels to tempt everyones tastebuds.

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