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Every Way The MCU Has Changed Iron Mans Story Since His Death

Iron Mans death in Avengers Endgame ended his MCU story but that hasnt stopped Marvel Studios from continuously changing Tony Stark in Phase 4.

Tony Stark is no longer leading the Marvel Cinematic Universe but the franchise has continued to change Iron Mans story after killing him in Avengers Endgame. Robert Downey Jr.s 11year run as Iron Man in the MCU came to a heartbreaking end in 2019. Avengers Endgames ending saw Tony Stark sacrifice his life to save the universe from a 2014 version of Thanos. The MCUs original hero used the Infinity Stones to snap the Mad Titan and his army out of existence. However the power was too much for him and his suit to take.

Iron Mans Avengers Endgame death signaled a changing of the guard for the MCU as the Infinity Saga concluded. It was part of Marvel Studios plan to begin taking the original Avengers members off the board and replace them with newer heroes. There is seemingly no plan to bring Iron Man back in Phase 4 or beyond as Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige view resurrecting or rebooting the iconic character as a nonstarter from a story perspective. However ignoring Iron Man entirely is easier said than done considering how big of a role he played in the MCU.

Even though audiences havent seen Robert Downey Jr.s Iron Man since Avengers Endgame killed him the Marvel movies and Disney+ shows have managed to still change his story. New aspects of the genius billionaire playboy philanthropists life continue to be uncovered as Phase 4 unravels. Some of these changes come through direct connections to Iron Mans past and legacy while others result from wider revelations that the MCU has made. In either case Iron Mans story continues to change after his Avengers Endgame death.

SpiderMan Far From Home Made Iron Man A Bad Boss

The MCU didnt wait long to change Iron Mans story after his death as Marvels next film SpiderMan Far From Home revealed that he was not a great boss. This revelation can be gathered through Mysterios story in Far From Home and the collection of spurned Stark Industries employees working with him. One example of Tony Starks poor leadership as a boss comes through the creation of the BARF technology.

SpiderMan Far From Home reveals this was an invention of Quentin Becks but that Tony made a mockery of it by giving it a terrible title and not acknowledging Becks contributions. While some could question if Mysterio was telling the truth it does appear that Iron Man wasnt as great a boss as an Avenger.
Iron Man Didnt Learn From His Ultron Mistakes

It seems that Iron Man also failed to learn from his Ultron mistakes as SpiderMan Far From Home also introduced the Stark Industries drones. One of the biggest lessons Tony should have learned from Ultron is that creating dangerous machines controlled by an AI interface is not the best thing to do. This is exactly what he wound up doing though. The drones are not as dangerous as Ultron on their own but the EDITH program grants the individual in charge great power and responsibility. While Tony may have created them to ease his superhero burden and help with Stark Industries the Ultron comparisons are fair after Peter Parker nearly killed a classmate with one and the damage Mysterio caused with them.
Tony Starks SpiderMan Relationship Was Changed

The MCU also changed Iron Mans story and relationship with SpiderMan during Phase 4. This is thanks to SpiderMan No Way Homes ending where Doctor Strange performed a spell so everyone forgot that Peter Parker is SpiderMan. Even though Iron Man died the changes to SpiderMans place in MCU history would also affect Tony Stark. After all if people like Happy Hogan Pepper Potts and the Avengers dont know Peter Parker is SpiderMan Iron Man also could not. This would likely mean that the two superheroes have a less personal relationship in some form as Tony wouldnt know a lot about Peter.

Iron Mans Death Wasnt The Only Way To Defeat Thanos

One of the most significant changes to Iron Mans story comes in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as it is implied that his death was not the only way to defeat Thanos. Doctor Strange insists in Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame that this was the only way but his solo movie sequel shows him haunted by this decision. He learns throughout his multiverse travels that other versions of him found alternate ways to defeat Thanos even if they concluded with his death. This not only serves as a massive change to Doctor Stranges MCU past but also alters Iron Mans. One could argue he would make the sacrifice play even without Stranges assurance due to Thanos impending win but

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