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Every ‘ A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Movie, Ranked

Where horror icons are concerned, Freddy Krueger/Robert Englund belong at the top list. The impact that the A Nightmare on Elm Street films have had on the horror genre isn’t to be argued. And without the genius of Wes Craven, we wouldn’t even have the films. Imagine if Wes Craven had never loved horror and never went down the path he did. There would be no Freddy (Robert Englund), Nancy (Heather Langenkamp), the Dream Warriors crew, etc. Even the current season of Stranger Things wouldn’t be what it is—as it drew some of its inspiration from the films.

In fact, it’s safe to say that the films that Wes had no involvement in weren’t the best in the franchise. And it’s very obvious which movies belong at the very top of the list. Of course everyone’s ranking may vary, but the general consensus among horror fans is relatively consistent. Keep reading if you want to hang around boiler rooms and creepy houses.

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