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Each guest star rated Young Sheldon

While fans generally remember The Big Bang Theory of the shows witty characters hilarious situations clever jokes and its spread of nerd culture one thing that made the popular show stand out was its wide array of celebrities and guest stars. From reallife scholars like Stephen Hawking and Neil deGrasse Tyson actors and celebrities like Mark Hamill and Charlie Sheen entrepreneurs and inventors like Bill Gates and Elon Musk to comic book legends and pop culture icons like Stan Lee the winning sitcom has always had a starstudded punch.

So it goes without saying that this secret recipe will carry over to the spinoff/preshow of The Big Bang Theory Young Sheldon which focuses on a smaller fanfavorite version character Sheldon Cooper Jim Parsons played by Ian Armitage. To fan satisfaction the show—in all of its five seasons—has made several standout appearances and guest appearances some even incorporating the late 80s and early 90s into clever throwbacks to the era. Weve compiled a list of 12 of Young Sheldons top gueststars ranking them as the most memorable stars.

While weve all seen him hit it off in movies TV and music theres one thing left for David Hasselhoff to conquer training videos. The Baywatch and Knight Rider star made an unexpected appearance in Season 4 Episode 10 Cowboy Aerobics and 473 GreaseFree Bolts when Sheldons acting teacher Gene Lundy Jason Alexander David Hasselhoff meets to offer bar coaching starring Hasselhoff. In the role of captain in all his mullethaired glory in the 90s.

The exercise bar titled Cowboy Aerobics shows The Hoff which is the name Lundy insists on calling it in a wakeup cowboy doing aerobics alongside two attractive young cowboys in the backdrop of a western saloon bar. Series cocreator Steve Molaro revealed via TV Line that the creators were looking to cast an iconic 90s actor who still looks young enough to play his former role and Hasselhoff was the first person that came to mind. Given that The Hoff looks the same today as it did almost 30 years ago we couldnt agree more!

Richard Kind has been recognized by many for his voice roles in numerous animated films and television shows most notably for his emotionally provocative voice work as Bing Bong Rileys imaginary friend in Pixars Inside Out. Kind gueststarred as Ira Rosenbloom a furniture store owner and one of Meemaw Annie Pottss lovable interests in Young Sheldon—first introduced in Season 1 Episode 11 Demons Sunday School and Prime Numbers. In the episode Sheldon decides to pursue the faith of Judaism after finding out that his idol Albert Einstein was a Jew.

He approaches Ira for a short lesson on the same although most of Iras explanations unsurprisingly go to Sheldons head. Ira reappears in Season 1 Episode 22 Vanilla Ice Cream Gentleman Callers and a Dinette Set where he and Dr. Sturgis Wallace Sean compete for Meemaws love in a shortlived love triangle with Meemaw eventually choosing Dr. Sturgis. On Ira he refused and Ira accepted him respectfully.

Often seen in various sitcoms playing doctors nurses and lawyers Vernie Watson Johnsons appearance in Young Sheldon becomes instantly recognizable to sitcom fans and fans of The Big Bang Theory where she appears episodic as nurse Althea Davis. Watson Johnson is best known for playing Will Smiths mother Viola Vy Smith in The Fresh Prince of BelAir along with minor appearances in Two and a Half Men Dexter and CSI Criminal Scene Investigation And many other TV shows.

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