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Dwayne Johnson shares a glimpse of his daughters’ creativity, ‘gets a ‘unibrow’

Hollywood star Dwayne The Rock Johnson has shared an adorable glimpse of his daughters latest creative exploration.Taking to his Instagram handle on Sunday the Jungle Cruise star revealed the aftermaths of his daughters hilarious yet adorable prank.He posted a video clip of himself lying in bed with a freshly drawn uni brow mous tache and goatee on his face courtesy of his six and four year old daughters.In the caption the Red Notice actor detailed how it was difficult to lay still and pretend he was asleep while his daughters were drawing on his face.

Yup then this happened. It was quite the challenge to lay in bed this morning pretending to still be fast asleep while tiny footsteps come running in giggling and whispering then slowly but not subtly crawl on my bed and proceed to draw on my face he wrote in the caption.The Jumanji actor 50 explained Theyre 6 4 so when they draw they jab as hard as they can like theyre giving me a COVID test thru my face.I thought they were finished until one says to the other lets give Daddy a unibrow.which they clearly proceeded to do and when they were done the 4 year old whispers Oh My God then they giggle and laugh like little devils and run out of the room he added.While unsuspecting grizzly bear daddy continues to sleep quietly in bed. Sunday morning he concluded.Johnson shares his daughters Jasmine six and Tiana four with his wife Lauren Hashian 37.

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