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Doja Cat wants to try a new career My only hidden passion

Doja Cat is thinking of trying a new career! The singer has revealed one of her hidden crushes which may not surprise many of her fans as she speaks her mind in many of her social media videos even when she talk about Zayn Maliks face.

The rapper opened up about her upcoming projects during a recent interview with ELLE revealing that her only hidden passion is standup comedy describing it as something she would be a fun thing to do. no one else but it seems like it could be natural Doja explained as many of her fans are familiar with her humor and some of her jokes on Instagram Twitter and TikTok.

When asked about some of her comedy inspirations she said shes a big fan of Ziwe Fumudohs Showtime series the host has had many cameos including Emily Ratajkowski Chet Hanks RuPauls Drag Race star Katya Ilana Glazer Phoee Bridgers Nicole Byer and many more. Ziwe is so funny and she is so smart and I love her so much said Doja admitting that she would love to be invited on her show. Usually she likes to draw people to mt and it would be fun to see her draw me.

Doja also confessed that she is interested in starring in a TV series or movie if the opportunity arises I would love to act. I would love to be in movies. This is a great wish for me she concluded. Get the latest news about your favorite celebrities royalty and the best beauty fashion and lifestyle news delivered straight to your inbox.

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