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Dave Bautista was almost Macs father in Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It turns out that Always Sunny in Philadelphia almost had one of the MCUs Guardians of the Galaxy on board. In a new episode of the Always Sunny podcast it is revealed that Dave Bautista was in consideration for a guest spot all along.

Back in 2006 when they put together just the second season of the hit TV series they were looking for the role of Macs father Luther MacDonald. Rob McElhenney Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton are discussing who came up with the role when McElhenney says that he is someone who has since become huge. Once everyone has racked their brains he says that none other than Dave Bautista was in the final four.

Cue a real shock and amazement. At the time Bautista was trying to immerse himself in acting and it would be years yet before it became a viable career other than professional wrestling for him. McElhenney says Bautista performed well but he wasnt old enough. The person they cast Gregory Scott Cummins is 13 years older and they still had to put a few more years on him to fully capture the look.

The rest as they say is history. Cummins has enjoyed a recurring role on Always Sunny ever since appearing some eight times. We doubt Bautista has any complaints about his track record either. Still what could have been! Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia just wrapped its 15th season with confirmed renewals through season 18. Last season the gang ended up in Ireland for a typically surreal and illadvised group vacation.

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