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Christina Hendricks Goes From Mad Men to Hap and Leonard

Christina Hendricks swapped out Joans knot and latest for a sexy new look as Trudy the glamorous woman at the heart of SundanceTVs new series Hap and Leonard which premieres March 2.

Inspired by the novels of Joe Lansdale the sixhour series of events follows two best friends Hap Collins James Purefoy Next and Leonard Pine Michael Kenneth Williams The Wire whose relationship turns sour. The test is when Haps exwife Trudy reappears in her life through a bewildering getrichquick scheme. Hap cant tell him no much to Leonards frustration. Hendrixs board has been fuller since Mad Men closed its doors He juggles multiple movies as well as Season 2 of Another Period but tells Variety he cant turn down Hap and Leonards. Dark humorous text.

Honestly I wasnt ready to do anything. Mad Men just finished and I didnt think Id find anything I was ready to do or excited about and then I read the script. He was so fun and a totally unusual character that I couldnt say no. Shes a classic killer woman in a way but bound in a very unusual packaging. Shes this free spirit hippie Southern girl. She has this very optimistic view of the world but she only brings trouble to those around her. Its the opposite of what she hopes to achieve but she knows it for herself. Reality. But she still runs the show. Shes confident that way and shes very impressive.

definitely. Its a growing sense of comedy. Youll get into a bit of drama and its going to get intense. But I loved the trip. It starts to set in pulp fiction this camp and seeing it develop into a completely different place was a great read on the page. I really believe him when he talks about his motives in episode three. She is trying to be a better person. She is selfaware. You know youre a mess. He has made many mistakes and is trying to fix them. definitely I think she has a different relationship with every man. But it also keeps getting messy every relationship. Im not bothered by this she says in the first episode. One relationship after another keeps going to the toilet. It looks like shes the one whos leaving.

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