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Ce Film Danimation Is More Popular Than Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

For a long time Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood reigned supreme in the main anime on MyAnimeList. However something has finally knocked this legendary series out of the top spot and this new top dog is a musthave for anime fans.

Gintama The Finale is an animated movie released in January this year. Gintama is based on a manga written and illustrated by Hideaki Sorachi. The series began in 2003 and is set in an alternate history version of the Edo period. However the peace is quickly shattered when aliens attack from space. The samurai led a noble fight to repel the invaders. However the shogun gives in and allows the aliens to turn the country into a puppet state thus banning the samurai.

Freelance warrior Gintoki Sakata travels the world and helps people whenever he can. Along the way he teams up with a teenage boy named Shinpachi Shimura and a superstrong alien named Kagura and the trio form an independent group called the Yorozuya. This trio continues to help people meeting many friends and enemies along the way. The series quickly gained popularity due to its expert fusion of comedy and drama and the characters quickly became icons of the medium.

The series became a 367episode anime series that began airing in 2006. The series also spawned three anime films with Gintama The Finale being the final film in this trilogy. This film covers the final arc of the original manga and tells the story of Gintokis fight to defeat the evil Utsuro before he can finish off the Earth. However this fight is not easy and will require Gintoki and all of his allies to fight harder than ever.

The film received high praise from fans and critics alike and is considered a fitting ending to the popular anime series. It is also considered one of the best manga adaptations as it uses the strengths of the anime to enrich the plot seen on the page. Its only fitting that this epic conclusion hit the top of the charts. Gintama The Finale is a great ending to a great series that combines high quality animation with fantastic storytelling. This is truly a mustsee movie for both Gintama fans and anime fans in general.

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