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Captain Marvel Can’t Escape Reliving the Same Bizarrely Specific Story

Captain Marvel experienced her greatest trauma during one of her most iconic storylines and now it seems Marvel Comics can not help but repeat it.While Captain Marvel has been on countless perilous missions throughout her career as a cosmic superhero it seems as though Marvel can not help but repeat one particular storyline and its weirdly specific.Carol Danvers was born to a Kree mother and a human father and after a Kree device activated her latent powers she gained amazing and immensely powerful abilities including flight photon projection energy blasts and self-sustaining anatomy powers that allowed her to become Captain Marvel.

Before she took on the title of her former mentor a Kree warrior named Mar Vell Carol Danvers went by Ms. Marvel as she was still coming into her own as a superhero and it was during that time when she experienced one of the most traumatic moments of her life and Marvel just can not seem to let her forget it.In Avengers Annual #10 by Chris Claremont and Michael Golden Carol Danvers is attacked by the mutant villain and adopted daughter of Mystique Rogue after Rogue is tasked with decimating the Avengers starting with Ms. Marvel. Rogue having the power to drain people of their life force and absorb abilities from those with super powers incapacitated Carol with a single touch and simultaneously stole her cosmic power. However Rogue did more than just absorb Carols abilities for a short period as she also took a piece of Carols consciousness and left Danvers in a coma for some time following the attack. Even after recovering in a later Marvel Comics issue Captain Marvel was never the same after that experience and held contempt for Rogue ever since even after Rogues heroic metamorphosis.

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