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Call of Duty Studio Infinity Ward is working on an open world RPG

Infinity Ward one of the Call of Duty developers is reportedly working on an unannounced openworld RPG described in a job listing as a AAA game.

It looks like Infinity Ward could be taking a break from the Call of Duty franchise as the studio is apparently developing an openworld RPG. This year Infinity Ward will release Modern Warfare 2 while Warzone 2 is expected to follow some time after suggesting that it will still be a while until the studio officially reveals any information about another game.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was fully revealed last week via a debut trailer. The video focused on story cinematics and returning characters rather than actual gameplay which is part of the reason Modern Warfare 2s reveal trailer received mixed reactions from fans. A proper demo followed soon after but the initial announcement left gamers wondering if theyd see any gameplay footage from the early installment of Call of Duty. With Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 this year more games will likely be revealed soon.

As spotted by Redditor TheExeFiles via GamesRadar Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward was allegedly hiring for an unannounced AAA project which was described as an unannounced AAA openworld RPG. Unfortunately the job listing is no longer available however thanks to TheExeFiles Reddit post and a further backup from leaker CharlieIntel on Twitter the listing has resurfaced. Looking for a narrative director for the publication suggests that the company is developing more than just Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 though details are scant.

The applicants responsibilities included creating the games story characters and lore in cooperation with writers quest designers and a game team. Additionally the job description mentioned directing motion capture sessions and building a cinematics team. Its also worth noting that the job opened in Infinity Ward Poland which could suggest that the Polish department is the one handling the rumored RPG.

Whether Infinity Wards mysterious RPG uses a modern or nearfuture setting with the appropriate weapons the gunplay will be in good hands thanks to the developers long history with the Call of Duty franchise. Modern Warfare 2s intense gameplay demo is perfect proof that the studio is capable of creating compelling combat sequences. By showing off a completed mission in the video fans were able to get a taste of the completely updated and realistic graphics of the upcoming game.

Considering Infinity Wards experience in FPS video games its quite unusual that the studio could be shifting towards an RPG experience. However given that various departments operate under the company name it should come as no surprise that some of them may be exploring genres other than shooters. It remains to be seen what the supposed openworld RPG turns out to be and if it ever reaches a solid enough state to be announced and hyped. But the very idea of a shooteroriented studio diving into the challenges of RPG development is exciting on its own.

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