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Brett Goldstein Takes His ‘Ted Lasso’ Skills To ‘Shrinking’ Comedy With Harrison Ford At Apple TV+

Playing Roy Kent on Ted Lasso hasn’t just given Brett Goldstein the biggest success of his career, with an Emmy award and tons of acclaim to boot; the hot-tempered but bookish star-player-turned-coach role has given TV viewers one of the most indelible characters of our time. As a co-producer, writer and executive story editor on the show, Goldstein is a major part of its international success. His next project sees him re-teaming as EP and writer with Ted Lasso co-producer Bill Lawrence for Shrinking, another Apple TV+ series, about a grieving therapist played by Jason Segel, co-starring Harrison Ford.

BRETT GOLDSTEIN: I always try not to get in the way of Roy pitches, because I know I can be very, very defensive of Roy. So, I don’t want to be like, “No, Roy wouldn’t do that, shut up.” But I definitely have part of Roy [in me]. I think these things always become half you, half the character, always. I think that’s true of everyone. It’s easier for me to talk about the other actors, because I can say, for example, Keeley, we changed the character of Keeley from how she was written because Juno [Temple] was so funny, and brilliant, and kind of unique. We were like, “Oh, we should use a lot of Juno in the writing of Keeley.” There’s definitely the thing that everyone has commented on, which is funny, which is, whenever anyone in the writer’s room pitches Roy, they all look to me. One of the other writers was telling me the other day, he said, “We all look to you and see what your eyebrows are doing, to see if you like the idea or not.” But I’ll usually stay quiet, because I don’t want to be like, “I hate that,” or, “I like that.” But they always check on my eyebrows to see if they’re moving. I think if my eyebrows stay still, it means I probably didn’t like the idea [laughs].

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