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Batwomans Javicia Leslie on what could have happened in season 4

Batwoman along with a lot of other CW shows was cancelled over the past months. DCs Legends of Tomorrow also got the axe although The Flash Stargirl and Superman & Lois are hanging in there representing the Arrowverse. Its unclear if they too will get canceled in the coming weeks and months but I feel like its only a matter of time.

I was sad to learn that Batwoman would not be moving forward with a fourth season because I had grown to enjoy the show. After Ruby Roses exit it looked like things were going to get grim for the series but Javicia Leslie taking over the lead role worked out perfectly. Leslie shined as Ryan Wilder and gave a new life to the role of Batwoman. I loved her take on the character but sadly it has all come to an unexpected end. Leslie recently opened up about the shows cancellation and what a potential fourth season could have looked like.

Speaking with Comicbook.com Leslie shared that even though her Gotham City shenanigans are over she thinks a lot about what would have happened if there was a fourth season. This includes the blossoming romance between her character Ryan and Sophie Moore Maegan Tandy aka Wildmoore. I think Meagan and I would also love to continue to play that love story Leslie said. Along with that Leslie revealed that she would have loved to see another love story take off one that we were all wanting but never got. Wed love to see Mary and Luke maybe spark something she said. Sigh oh what could have been!

I also would love to see whats going to happen with Alice. What we were blessed with was the ability to create a beautiful finale that whether we came back or not is very satisfying for all of us. Alice going off into the abyss as a person that has regained herself and her identity and honestly her sanity — I think itd be beautiful to see where she is even if she ended up back to being the same old Alice. Its such an interesting journey to have been able to experience. And the actress Rachel Skarsten has done such an amazing job playing every part of Alice and Beth.

I couldnt agree more! Skarsten had been doing such an amazing job juggling these two complex characters and its a shame we wont get to see her continuation that journey. Even though Batwoman came to an abrupt end Leslie is not mad at the CW. If my schedule allows it Im always down to play in Gotham Leslie told Digital Spy. I mean Batwoman is a part of my fiber at this point. Its a part of my fabric.

I think the most amazing part is that was a character that we created. Its not something I have to play into its something that we created out of our own spirit and our own souls. If Batwoman comes back amazing. But if not I really have to work for the next few months to separate myself a bit from the character. Given the direction the CW seems to be taking I dont think Batwoman will return but who knows theres always HBO Max. Maybe theyll decide to pick up all the canceled CW shows and give them new life. Wouldnt that be wonderful?

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