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Batwoman & Legends of Tomorrow Give Update on Arrowverse Show Renewals

The Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow writers rooms provide updates on the Arrowverse shows possible chances at receiving a renewal.

The Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow creative teams offer updates about the shows possible renewals. 2022 is turning out to be a unique year for the Arrowverse franchise. In past years during January/February the popular DC TV properties tend to be some of the first set of shows to get renewed for another season by The CW. However 2022 is a different story as WarnerMedia and Paramount which coown the channel are putting The CW up for sale almost 16 years after the big merger between The WB and UPN in 2006.

Due to the uncertainty of who will become the new owner of The CW it caused a massive delay for renewal and cancelations for the networks ongoing dramas. Despite many shows having already wrapped for the year including Batwoman season 3 and Legends of Tomorrow season 7 some viewers are now left with cliffhangers that may never get conclusions should the network choose to cancel them. However earlier this week The CW officially began its renewal process as seven shows got added to their 20222023 slate. While two Arrowverse shows got renewed those werent Batwoman or Legends of Tomorrow as The Flash season 9 and Superman & Lois season 3 instead got the greenlight.

As The Flash and Superman & Lois are officially returning next season the Batwoman writers room as well as the Legends of Tomorrow writers room gave some updates on their shows futures. Even though the two Arrowverse fanfavorites werent part of this weeks renewal phase the creative teams motivated their fans not to give up hope yet assuring them that no decisions have been made yet about either series. Check out the two statements below

At this point news about Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrows fates could be revealed by May 19 which is when The CW is set to have their Upfront presentation. Either the announcements will be made on the day of or it will come just before the Upfronts. Earlier in March a report about the potential renewal and cancelations for Arrowverse shows revealed that both Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow are both on the bubble meaning the potential of getting the ax. What could be part of their delays is perhaps various budget concerns and contract negotiations.

Both Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow ended on some pretty significant cliffhangers. For the timetraveling DC drama Donald Faisons Booster Gold finally made his Arrowverse debut with the Legends getting arrested by the Time police for multiple violations. If Legends of Tomorrow gets picked up for an eighth season by The CW Faison will be back as Booster Gold in a series regular capacity. The Batwoman season 3 finale concluded with the emergence of a deadly new villain whose identity is unknown for the time being. Despite both being on the bubble The CW will hopefully bring Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow back for abbreviated final seasons at the very least.

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