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At 54, Nicole Kidman showed off her toned legs in a tini miniskirt for a BTS Insta video

Nicole Kidman is single handedly motivating me to go to the gym and hit leg day because…have you seen her milelong legs Not only are they lengthy but theyre also extremely sculpted thanks to the various activities she throws into her workout routine.
Nicole posted a short snippet of her BTS posing for a photoshoot for what we can only assume is an upcoming campaign or magazine feature on June 9.
Teasing us she posted a secondslong video which zooms in on her legs with the photoshoot umbrella blocking her from the waist up. Were left looking at her legs in black kitten heels with her upper body in a black miniskirt and a puffer jacket but hey Im not complaining about it. Her legs are so long and sculpted.

What does Nicole put first in her life Her health and it shows. Over the years Ive realised that if you dont have your health youve got nothing she told Womens Health. So that comes first. And how do you get that when you have two little kids and a husband and a lot of work I work for balance now.
Mainly the Nine Perfect Strangers star takes advantage of her location and enjoys the outdoors when she can.

I run ride my bike do yoga whatever I can do and wherever I am in the world… Variety is the best way Ive found she said. She even horseback rides.
Of course it helps that Nicole grew up running she told WH. Her family is one of marathon runners so shes been hitting the pavement since she was a child. Aside from jogging shell go to go to spin classes meditate and play sports.
Variety am I right

But sometimes its just plain hard to be healthy. Take for instance the days she goes out on the road with her husband Keith Urban on his tour bus—theres junk food around at all times. So she follows an 8020 plan 80 percent of the time she eats healthy. And she doesnt stress about the remaining 20 percent.

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