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Ashley Park Talks Her Friendship with Lily Collins and Being Present with Each Other

Ashley Park launched a new campaign with Starbucks which focuses on tuning out distractions and tuning into each other As an actress with a busy schedule Ashley Park realizes the importance of carving out quality time for the people she loves most. Monday marks the official launch of the Starbucks Coffee Breakaway campaign — a collaboration between Park 31 and the chain  which focuses on tuning out distractions and tuning into each other. Its a practice that Park had to master since her success on the hit Netflix show Emily in Paris.

I think in the past couple of years weve all gone through a lot. And I know for me personally it was the first time I really got to spend time good quality time as an adult with my parents and my sister she tells PEOPLE. And moving forward especially this year as my professional commitments have completely turned my life into a different ball game in a very exciting way Ive realized how much I really want and need to prioritize being with my loved ones.

Because she has such little free time she makes the most of even short moments. And theres one friend who truly understands her situation Emily in Paris costar Lily Collins. The two women are currently in Paris shooting the shows third season.
Lily and I were just texting because again we both are so so busy all the time. And I think thats why our friendship works so much is because its really important to us that the people in our life really understand that its the quality not quantity of time they spend with me.

Some of my best friends I havent seen for months. But when I have been able to have a conversation or we are able to see each other were really there she adds. Theres nobody more present with each other than me and Lily when were together.
For Park the collaboration with Starbucks was a nobrainer — considering her love for the coffee itself and the campaigns messaging. First of all I love Starbucks so I was so excited just to even get the opportunity she says. I was so surprised and energized that this company that we all know and love so much and that we associate with on the go and energizing us was doing something that was really about bringing people together and having loved ones tune in with each other.

In the heartwarming campaign film Starbucks reserved the entire American Museum of Natural History in New York City for unsuspecting pairs who found themselves watching a personal display in the museum created by a loved one. The recorded clips recount past experiences spent together where they were truly living in the moment. Of course they were also surprised with a free Starbucks drink. It wasnt in a way of like Oh I need more attention from you. It was so beautiful says Park. I think that even when people say lovely things sometimes we have a hard time receiving it or acknowledging it. And it was this person being super vulnerable and articulate and able to say I love you and I think its important that we really tune in with each other

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