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Abandoned: Everything We Know About the Emma Roberts-Led Horror Film

Emma Roberts stars in the new horror film Abandoned about a house with a violent past. Here is everything we know so far.

Emma Roberts made her name in the horror genre as a recurring cast member in the anthology series American Horror Story. She is continuing that legacy on the silver screen with her latest project Abandoned. The film is directed by Spencer Squire whose acting career has taken off over the last few years with this new film being only his second effort as a director.Abandoned tells the story of a young couple with a newborn looking to escape the city. They knowingly move into an old farmhouse with a violent past and strange things begin to happen. However we are not sure if these events are real or simply a part of the mother’s increasing bouts of postpartum psychosis. Let’s go through the trailer to see what other clues about the plot are dropped.

The Abandoned trailer opens with the happy couple and their newborn son viewing an old but classic farmhouse in the countryside. The husband comments that they were looking to escape the city for something more low-key and quiet. After the house tour the wife questions the realtor about why the house had been listed for so long without anyone purchasing it. The realtor’s smile quickly fades as if she was anticipating the question.The realtor then discloses that an incident had taken place in the home. Immediately the husband claims they do not want to hear the story but the wife pushes to know the truth. The realtor then explains that a double homicide and a suicide had been committed in the house and she assumes the couple would no longer be interested as it most likely had happened several times before. Much to her surprise the wife closes the deal on the house whispering to her husband the words that might just lead to her demise, “You know I do not mind a little haunting.

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