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1000Lb Sisters Tammy Gives Weight Loss Update On TikTok

Tammy Slaton of TLCs 1000lb Sisters shares an important health update with her followers on TikTok while she is still in a rehab facility.

Tammy Slaton of 1000lb Sisters gives viewers an exciting update on her journey to recovery in a TikTok video. Tammy has struggled with her weight for three seasons and is finally trying to work through her rehab program. Viewers are now cautiously optimistic that she will achieve her goal of gastric bypass surgery.

In the past they have not been impressed by Tammy sidelining her weight loss. She has found ways to selfsabotage throughout the course of the show including isolating those around her and yelling at the ones she loves. 1000lb Sisters viewers have watched Tammy continue to eat junk food and even party with her friends by partaking in a few drinks. Even though Tammy has been pretty good at updating her followers on social media with pictures and videos not all buy her at times fraudulent posts. Tammy seems to be taking her neardeath experience seriously and turning over a new leaf.

Recently Tammy shared an uplifting video on her TikTok. In it viewers could see she was looking much more comfortable in her own skin as she chatted to the camera. Tammy also looked like she had shed a few more pounds since entering the facility. The 35yearold shared that she is doing pretty well on her journey telling supporters Just know that Im staying on track and everything is looking up! During the TikTok video Tammy also seemingly confirmed 1000lb Sisters season 4 telling her followers they will have to wait until then for a complete update.

In recent months Tammy has not been doing so well especially after 1000lb Sisters viewers learned she was rushed to the hospital toward the end of 2021. While there she was put on a ventilator with doctors telling Amy Slaton she was not expected to live. Tammy had stopped breathing while at the weight loss clinic with doctors fearing the worst. The scene aired on the season three finale as viewers watched the doctors share that the next few hours would be critical for Tammy.

The Kentucky natives lungs had given up on her and her body had begun to shut down. Luckily the reality star pulled through and seemed to be on the mend. Its good to hear Tammy is doing well in the rehab center. Those who have closely followed her journey on 1000lb Sisters are hoping she is finally on the right track after years of struggle. Hopefully viewers will learn more about her progress during season 4 of the show.

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