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1000 Pound Sisters Tammy Slaton reveals why she decided not to say anything about her weight loss journey

TLC Show Goers 1000Lb. The sisters have always known Tammy Slaton for her habit of criticizing others and her lack of commitment to achieving her weight loss goals. Tammys habits kept her from qualifying for gastric bypass surgery during the three seasons she was on the show.

Towards the end of the third season Tammy seemed to realize that she had to deal with her food addiction and health issues so she checked herself into rehab. Although shes been surprisingly quiet for a while rumors have it that Tammy has done well in rehab and is now qualifying for her bariatric surgery which is due to take place this month. After several weeks of silence Tammy finally spoke up in a recent TikTok video in which she reacted to a fans question by saying Weight update? If you dont mind just be really curious. In this video Tammy made it clear that even though shes back and now shes broken her silence she cant talk about her weight loss mostly because of her contract with TLC Tammys revelation confirmed what many viewers suspected.

Fans always thought TLC would renew the 1000 books. sister show for another season and Tammys statement that the network wanted her to keep something a secret would mean another season could air soon. Now viewers of the show have a lot to say about Tammys new video. Even with these rumors some fans dont believe Tammy has lost weight and have spoken out on Reddit. One fan said Im not saying shes lost weight but I think with the trachea it might be hard to tell if shes lost weight by looking at her chin because the trachea will drive everything forward . Another fan referenced Tammys story of not being able to lose weight but said viewers probably didnt know that yet. Either way fans will find out soon enough especially if a new season is approaching.

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