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10 Times Fan Casting Came True, From Mr. Fantastic to Deadpool

Sometimes the fans truly know whats best.Whenever an adaptation of a famous property is announced whether that is a comic book videogame or novel one of the hottest points of contention is inevitably the casting.

Everyone has their own image of how a character should look on the big screen and who is best suited for this portrayal.On occasion however the internet finds itself agreeing on a mooted casting choice rallying a fan campaign for their chosen performer to receive the part. Sometimes the actors have even gotten in on the campaigning for Spider Man. In some rare cases though the filmmakers and the fans are on the same page resulting in dream casting coming true.

Ryan Reynolds campaigned to play the Merc with a Mouth for years infamously backed by Deadpool himself after a comic resurfaced where the character refers to his appearance as a cross between Ryan Reynolds and a shar pei.Fans were onboard with the idea and Reynolds finally got his shot in X Men Origins Wolverine. Unfortunately the character was butchered and was a far cry from the Deadpool fans love despite its fourth wall breaking post credits tease. However Reynolds never gave up on giving an accurate portrayal of Wilson and thankfully his wish was granted with the 2016 Deadpool film and its sequel.

The first chapter of the latest adaptation of Stephen Kings IT was a massive success in no small part thanks to its exceptional young cast. Mostly unknown actors except for Stranger ThingFinn Wolfhard the talented teens brought Kings characters to life.When the cast was asked who should play the older versions of themselves Wolfhard chose Barry star Bill Hader. The pick resonated with fans and Hader seemed the only logical choice until he was eventually cast. While IT Chapter Two has problems Hader is perfectly cast as Richie and the actors comedic and dramatic chops shine.

Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier sits in front of a silver backdrop. Long before the internet fans were left to voice their opinions in the letters section at the end of comic books. During the 90s when Hollywood began to take an interest in comic properties X Men fans drew a resemblance between Professor X and Star Trek The Next Generation star Patrick Stewart.Beyond the baldness Stewart possessed the natural caring aura synonymous with the X Men father figure. Stewart was cast and became a staple of the franchise putting his mark on a character that will forever be associated with him evident in his recent appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Created as an original character for Star Wars Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano quickly became a fan favorite. Originally a Jedi training under Anakin Skywalker Ahsoka soon became a full blown badass. When news broke of her debut live action appearance in The Mandalorian fans began to share their dream castings.Rosario Dawson was at the top of the list from the start with the actress already established in another massive IP the MCU as Claire Temple. This wave of support caught the eye of Mandalorian creator Dave Filoni and she soon became his number one choice to play the beloved Jedi.The Mandalorian is available to stream on Disney+.

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