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Young Sheldon season 5 finale guest stars include an actor from The Big Bang Theory

The muchanticipated Young Sheldon season 5 finale airing this week will feature a few guest stars including an actor from The Big Bang Theory.

An actor from The Big Bang Theory is one of the guest stars in the upcoming season five finale of Young Sheldon. Theres only one more episode left before the CBS sitcom wraps up its current year which has seen plenty of drama rocking the Cooper family and edging closer to The Big Bang Theorys timeline. Young Sheldon season 5 returned to the shows typical 22episode season for the first time in three years due to the pandemic after the comedy prequel shut down production and ended season 3 and season 4 early. .

While the original The Big Bang Theory was celebrated for its talented main comedic cast the series was also known for its special guest stars. Some of the biggest cameos on the show included big names like Stan Lee Carrie Fisher Stephen Hawking Kathy Bates and many more. Viewers of The Big Bang Theory will be familiar with the performance of actor and magician Teller of Penn & Teller as he played Amys father Larry on the geekcentric sitcom.

As Young Sheldon season 5 wraps up his story details about the longawaited final episode have been released thanks to Futon Critic. The outing titled A Clogged Pore a Little Spanish and the Future will feature a few guest stars including Teller. Unfortunately no additional context has been revealed though it appears Teller is playing a different character than Larry in the prequel who goes by the name of Pus. He will also appear on Young Sheldon with his partner Penn Jillette.

young sheldon penny game big bang theory plot hole In addition to this exciting appearance from Penn and Teller more information about the Young Sheldon season 5 finale has been revealed via an official synopsis. The finale will see the aftermath of Mary being fired from her church job forcing both her and George to look for new jobs. Sheldon on the other hand will be dealing with the first signs of puberty while Meemaw will be taking a business trip across the border. Young Sheldons season 5 finale trailer supports all of these showing bits of each plot though the main focus is on the deterioration of Coopers parents marriage. Theres no mention of Penn and Tellers involvement in the outing but since they both appear its likely the narrative will have scenes featuring them as a duo.

It will be interesting to see if the adult Sheldon narrative will make any metare ferences to the fact that Young Sheldons character Pus bears a strong resemblance to his fatherinlaw. Amys dad didnt physically appear on The Big Bang Theory until Sheldon and Amys wedding but he was impressive considering his dynamic with Amys mom. Whether his return to The Big Bang Theory universe will be a regular occurrence is unknown but it will certainly be difficult to be as memorable as the beloved patriarch Fowler.

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