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You need to watch Bruce Willis’ legendary action saga before it leaves Hulu this month

According to a Slashfilm interview with screenwriter Steven E. de Souza producer Joel Silver has three rules for a hit summer blockbuster. Number three is we are going to get an R rating anyway so lets see some hot babes. Number two is shoot as much comedy as you can. If its too much you can cut it out later. And number one is these movies are hate movies.Whats a hate movie? The opposite of a romantic movie of course. In a romantic picture a boy and a girl have a meet cute they have several dates and they go off together Silver says. In a hate movie they have a meet cute they have several dates and one kills the other.

Director John McTiernans Die Hard which de Souza wrote and Silver produced mostly follows these three rules as long as the definition of hot babe is expanded to Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman. The legendary 1988 action movie remains fresh and vibrant because its one of the best hate movies of all time.John McClane Willis is in Los Angeles at Christmas to see his estranged wife Holly Bonnie Bedelia. He has driven around in a limo by Argyle De voreaux White although he sits up front because he has not a snob. He has just an everyday cop which makes him stand out like a sore thumb at Hollys company Christmas party at Nakatomi Plaza. But even though he does not know it yet he has not here to meet Holly. He here to meet Hans Gruber Rickman.

Die Hard is bursting with personality at every turn. Theres Theo Clarence Gilyard Jr the computer hacker who describes Laker games before a killing and the sleazy Ellis Hart Bochner who invokes Yiddish when trying to make a deal with Hans. And of course theres Gruber himself who will compliment your suit before he kills you and sends the cops on wild goose chases demanding freedom for terrorist groups he read about in Time.Die Hard which was initially pitched as Rambo in a building spawned a number of clones across all genres from the hockey themed Sudden Death to the Star Trek The Next Generation episode Starship Mine. Renny Harlins 1990 Die Hard 2 Die Harder was another Die Hard in an airport. The action sequences are vivid especially a plane crash but the movie mostly recreates the ideas of the original without as much charm.

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