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Will Kirk of The Repair Shop details a new project away from the BBC series Its Beautiful

Will and partner Christina travel across the UK to discover hidden gems and turn unwanted items into winning combinations that can be sold worldwide at The Traveling Auctioneers. The couple helps one family at a time as they find items for sale from their old truck. Its a departure from The Repair Shop and Antiques Road Trip that both stars usually appear on. She will join Lauren Kelly on her ITV show to provide an update on the series and share the gender of her newborn. Look youre going to be doing a new show its called The Traveling Auctioneers. Tell me about it said Lauren.

So Christina and I have met some wonderful families who are either trying to raise money to visit their longlost relatives on the other side of the world or they are downsizing and need to make some space with furniture Will explained. We took a look around their house for hidden gems and then auctioned them off. The repair expert was making toys for his baby daughter Image BBC Or things that you dont really use or for some reason need to free up space instead of throwing things in the trash and giving them to someone else who can love and cherish them as well continued Will.

In the same interview Will revealed that he and wife Polly are expecting a baby girl next month. I had a prenatal class last night for a diaper change he commented. We have a name but well wait until youre there. You know thats right because we did it until we had some names Lauren nodded. Then you see the baby and say Oh yeah it sure is Rosie. Isnt that exciting though? Will sure is excited to meet his little daughter and has already started making toys for her to play with.

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