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Why Korrasami From The Legend Of Korra Remains A Groundbreaking LGBTQ+ Couple

Korra. Asami. Korrasami. I’ll never forget the moment when that actually became a reality. It was one of those, “where were you when…” moments that didn’t initially seem major at first, because many people believed that Korra and Asami were just entering the Spirit World as friends. But then it suddenly clicked, probably simultaneously, with the audience: Korra and Asami were not just friends – they were actually into each other. In fact, I distinctly remember sitting on the couch with my wife while watching the series finale of The Legend of Korra, and then tilting my head to the side, and wondering, “Wait…Is Korra gay?”

Apparently, I wasn’t alone. Series creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko actually had to confirm the show’s same-sex relationship after the episode aired because many people were unsure. That’s when I acquired a brand new appreciation for it, since children’s cartoons didn’t do things like that. Not back in 2014, anyway. I’ve since re-watched The Legend of Korra several times (and got major heat when I once argued that The Legend of Korra is better than Avatar: The Last Airbender), and it still blows my mind that the series really pulled off an LGBTQ+ couple on a kids’ show, which is why I have four reasons about how it’s still groundbreaking, even today.

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