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Why Has WCW Been The Only American Promotion With A Great Cruiserweight Division?

To date WCW has been the only wrestling company in America to properly utilize cruiserweight wrestlers.In the years since WCW folded the Cruiserweight division has been heralded as one of the greatest innovations of the company and the credit all goes to Easy E. For several reasons, no other promotion has been able to replicate the Cruiserweight divisions success.

One of the many ways that Eric Bischoff dared to be different when he took over WCWand started Monday Nitro was highlighting wrestling from all over the world. That meant from places like Mexico and Japan and that also meant some hyper fast light heavyweight action. He would brand this division The Cruiserweight Division and also focus on not just aerial wrestlers from those countries but some of the best smaller technicians from around the world as well.

One of the major complaints about the WWE is now formulaic it always seems. Combine that with the fact that according to many some fans always want something new and it makes it a perfect storm in introducing a new concept with wrestlers North American fans had not seen at that point. The Cruiserweight division was not just smaller wrestlers it was wrestlers all over the world. Unless you were a die hard fan who found content via tape trading most of the masked men fans were acquainted with were big bad guys and The Killer Bees. Fans were treated to Lucha Libre stars that have since become legends and got a crash course about the history of Mexican wrestling. WCW also brought in Mike Tenay to be a commentator for these matches and give fans that knowledge. It was a small detail but one that helped get over how important aspects of the Cruiser weight matches were.

Showcasing fast paced Lucha Libre and Japanese superstars of course was not the only accouterment that made the legacy of The Cruiserweight Division undeniable. For starters it was quickly and easily definable the division was made up of lightweight superstars from around the world and the uber talented ones sometimes moved up in the world.Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho won titles outside the division Malenko became a Horsemen and Rey Mysterio became a legend before he even left WCW. In TNA the X-Division was defined as No Limits which was really not a definition at all and it became a catch all for whatever nonsense TNA was showcasing such as Ultimate X. In WWE plain and simple having a Light Heavyweight Cruiserweight has simply never been a priority for the company.

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