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Why A Schitt’s Creek Movie Would Work (Despite Its Perfect Ending)

A Schitts Creek movie would still be successful despite how its finale had already wrapped up the story perfectly and set up everyones futures.

Despite the series perfect conclusion a movie continuation of Schitts Creek would still work and heres why. Premiering in 2015 on CBC Television Schitts Creek followed the formerly wealthy Rose family as they were forced to relocate and navigate the simple small town life. While the show had been consistently well received throughout its six season run showrunner Dan Levy who also played David Rose wanted to end Schitts Creek at the peak of its popularity. In 2020 the series finale was aired sweeping a historic seven Primetime Emmy Award win most notably securing all four major acting categories and the Outstanding Comedy Series award. Regardless a potential Schitts Creek movie would easily work for a good reason.

With Levys vision to not compromise on quality or storytelling the series finale of s Creek saw its characters go down separate paths. After the wedding of David and Patrick Noah Reid Johnny Eugene Levy Moira Catherine O Hara and Alexis Annie Murphy followed their respective dreams and left the eponymous town behind. It had always been the goal of the show to make the Rose family realize how wealth is never the solution to building long-lasting relationships. The people of Schitts Creek did not only embrace the Roses but also transformed them to be genuine loving versions of themselves.

Schitts Creek creator Dan Levy recently discussed the possibility of a movie continuation. Although the shows perfect ending satisfyingly closed the door on succeeding regular seasons it still left several possibilities to explore. For instance the easiest storyline to develop in a potential movie would involve the Rose family reuniting in Schitts Creek for a celebration or a special occasion. Perhaps Alexis Rose who was theorized to be a spy had time off from New York and decided to visit. Or maybe Johnny needed to come back to the eponymous town for a business meeting with Moira tagging along. In that way the much-awaited family reunion could still feel organic capturing the individuality of the main characters while highlighting how much they have each grown since the show concluded. Moreover it would be an effective way to expand the sitcoms future without altering or hurting its established spirit.

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