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Why 1000Lb Sisters Fans Dont Believe Tammy Lost Weight In New Pic

Although 1000 Pound Sisters star Tammy claims she lost weight in rehab viewers arent convinced she did especially after returning to TikTok.

It looks like 1000lb Sisters Tammy Slaton is back on TikTok and getting all the wrong kind of attention since viewers feel like she hasnt lost any weight. The TV star claimed rehab helped her shed a few pounds and even hinted she may have qualified for surgery. However after a recent photo fans arent convinced Tammy is telling the truth.

Fans quickly learned during Season 1 of 1000 lb Sisters that Tammy suffered from a food addiction stemming from childhood trauma. She and her sister Amy Slaton Halterman grew up in Kentucky with an absent mother and were left to fend for themselves. The sisters often chose junk food and rarely exercised. As Amy began to embark on her journey and lose weight Tammy grew increasingly angry and sabotaged herself every chance she got. After nearly dying and checking into an Ohio rehab fans hoped Tammy would turn her life around but now theyre not sure she did.

Just last week viewers noted that Tammy posted an update to her TikTok which had been disabled for a few months. While Tammy congratulated herself on her weight loss viewers of 1000 Pound Sisters couldnt help but question the validity of her claim since she was still wearing her tracheo. Fans flocked to Reddit to compare ideas noting why is her flier still there if she lost weight?? Thread participants felt that if she had lost the weight she claimed to be the doctors would have removed the breathing tube. Fans have also questioned the validity of his new account since his last one had over a million followers. Most agreed that Tammy must still be struggling to breathe and needed the medical device.

Recently fans of 1000 Pounds of Sisters learned that Tammy may be dating another resident of Ohio rehab named Mikey Mooney. Tammys alleged new boyfriend took to her Facebook to proclaim his love and even shared some photos of the TLC star. Her cover photo shows the two hands holding each other and Mikey also referred to Tammy as his baby girl in the comments. Tammy herself also left many replies for her new pal even saying she loved him.

More recently Tammy had to deal with the news that her Kentucky duplex home had been broken into while she was away. The thieves stole her washer dryer and some other furniture after kicking the back door. The burglary happened after Amy left and the house was empty. Lets hope the 1000lbSisters star works hard and loses the weight she needs to survive but only time will tell.

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