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What is the best Batman that has passed through our screens?

It seems incredible because he looks fit but the Bat Man has already been with us for eighty years sweeping the Batcave by day and the streets of Gotham by night. Batman was born between the vignettes of the Detective Comics label back in May 1939 conceived by the pens of cartoonist Bob Kane and screenwriter Bill Finger as a billionaire Bruce Wayne who fought crime in disguise. In those first appearances along with ink sandwiches the superhero was presented as a pulp spirited vigilante who liked to cosplay as a chiropteran when he worked a masked soldier with a lot of bad blood and very few scruples when it comes to executing ruffians. .

A year later the publisher decided to lower the revolutions, to make him more affable and less murderous while assigning him an adventure partner named Robin. The move was a complete success and Batman comics doubled their sales while Superman looked askance enviously. At the height of the forties its creators decided to abandon the social themes in its pages to focus on light hearted fun because readers already had enough tragedy in real life due to a certain world war. At the same time the layer of the night vigilante ventured to change media to jump into movie theaters. And since then the silhouette of Batman has become a regular on our screens sheltering an entire army of different batmen over the years from purely television creations to the darkest comics lookalikes kitsch superheroes who dance with grace tormented avengers who suffer heavily street warriors who distribute with enthusiasm shadow detectives or supposed caricatures capable of better understanding the characters legacy than many tasters of his comics.

Robert Pattinson has just flapped through theaters around the planet dressed as Batman and cultivating a lot of success. It probably would not take long for him to put on the mask of the bat man again and surely he would not be the last to do so. Because Batman has always been on the screen adopting one appearance or another surveying the city from above inviting us to patrol the least recommended streets with him. This weeks survey addresses that heros film and television legacy and works like the equivalent of a bat signal inciting discord who has been the best Batman that has passed through our screens? The main candidates in the race for the title of Best Dark Knight of the Audiovisual Universe are detailed below but we like to remember that the comments section is open for any additional suggestions or complaints.

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