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Tyler Perrys sisters Are Hayden and Karen more alike than we thought?

Bad guys dont always wear black. And if the wardrobe department behind Tyler Perrys Sistas has taught us anything its that the color orange can be just as sinister.

At the end of Season 3 for example Fatima was able to expose Haydens eavesdropping on her work by intentionally saying during a call that she would find her sexy if he was wearing an orange shirt and blue jeans. The next day that was exactly what the lovelorn voyeuristic lawyer was wearing.

Fastforward to season 4A and Karen donned you guessed it an orange shirt and blue jeans as she confronted Fatima about her relationship with Zac. The two finally came to terms when Karen confessed that she was jealous that Zac wasnt the best version of himself with her like he is with Fatima. But sadly by the midseason finale Karen was back in Fatimas face acting wild and picking fights. The two will most likely continue to clash when Season 4B of the hit BET drama kicks off on Wednesday June 1 at 9/8c.

But does this combination of outfit and color make Karen a villain or was it a comical coincidence? Ebony Obsidian certainly hopes her character isnt evil and has even asked Perry to give her alter ego more sympathetic stories of her so fans will stop being mean to her on social media. .

While Karen and Hayden have never interacted on Sistas Chris Warren the actor who plays him says the two characters have a few things in common. For example neither of them wants Zac and Fatima also known as Zatima to be together. I never thought about it but an orange shirt and blue jeans is the new evil outfit Warren tells TVLine with a laugh. Hayden is the most hated character on the show and then Gary. That would make Karen number 3 but her motivations are different. Hayden is hated even more than Gary but they both think they cant lose. Thats why people hate them. Karen is not trying to win. She just cant believe that Zac is rich now and moved on without her.

Warren cant reveal if that means Hayden and Karen will eventually bond — they have similar clothing tastes  but he adds that anything is possible on the TV show. After all Hayden and Gary are best friends now and who could have predicted that? Each season Tyler has allowed me to take things further and further especially in Season 4B and Im here 100 percent reveals Warren. Youre really going to see how far things go with Hayden and the fans are going to love him while theyre really going to hate him even more. They will still hate Hayden but they will love Season 4B.

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