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Tom Jones at Marquee, Cork, review: A night of rock’n’roll and flying knickers

The Welsh Sex Bomb entertained a euphoric crowd of all ages.

You are a sex bomb shouted a young woman from the audience.We will get there Tom Jones shot back to a roar of applause from the Saturday night crowd at Live at the Marquee.True to his word he soon delivered the 1999 smash hit starting slowly teasing the crowd with a low growl before he and his pitch-perfect band let it rip.There was more audience participation to come during Delilah when a female fan threw a white pair of knickers on the stage. Nothing fancy and lacy as you wwould expect for an enduring sex symbol instead the large sensible kind your granny might have worn.

She was not the only knicker-carrying fan. A group of women in the stalls also came armed with large white knickers each embellished with a drawing of a cats face featuring the words Whats new pussycat?.Theres no denying his 82 years but theres nothing old about the Welshmans voice it remains deep, rich and powerful.He tells full capacity crowd that he celebrated his birthday earlier in the week on June 7 and an out of sync happy birthday ripples around the tent.He has had further reason to celebrate he recently became a great grandfather for the first time.He switches quickly back to rocker mode with a catchy Cat Stevens number Pop Star cleverly highlighted with retro video footage.A soulful One More Cup of Coffee by Bob Dylan further highlights his virtuosity and range.Its followed by the political Talking Reality Television Blues.

Reality killed the reality star he announces in his booming baritoneA highlight was Leonard Cohens Tower of Song, and when he sings I was born with the gift of a golden voice there is an ear splitting roar of approval.The audiences age range reflected the superstars 60 years in the music business but his version of Princes Kiss united old and young bringing large crowds aged from their 20s to their 60s and beyond into the aisles to dance.With the euphoric crowd surging towards the stage as the momentum built a determined woman managed to climb onto the scene before the security team quickly stepped in.Jones did not raise an eyebrow he has seen it all and probably more before.The rock n roll rhythm and blues Strange Thing closed a memorable night.Everyone was on their feet waving their phones and punching the air partying like there was never a pandemic.

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