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This Disturbing Viral TikTok Proves Exactly Why 365 DNI Is So Damaging For

If youre on TikTok you cant have missed the 365 DNI which translated from Polish to 365 Days content. First it was videos of women – often teenagers – reacting to the film which has been condemned by sexual abuse charities for glorifying rape kidnapping and domestic violence. Theyd record themselves watching the infamous boat scene or the neck grab moment their face eyeswide with shock and lust. Massimo can kidnap me anytime captions will read. If you havent seen this film you need to others might encourage.

At the time campaigners like We Cant Consent To This warned people of the dangers of this video trend romanticising a film that glorifies abuse. Now their fears have been proven right. A disturbing video posted to TikTok by one user who from her other videos we can only assume is still in school shows her gleefully recording her battered and bruised video with the caption Decided to watch 365 Days with my guy friend. The video which now has over 33million views has received 5.5million likes so far.

The reason this is so harrowing is not just because of the video itself but because of the platform its been posted on. TikTok is an app known for being full of kids with a 60% audience of users aged 1624 you need to be at least 13 to be on it – and the platforms most popular user Charli DAmelio is just 15. Given the lack of sex and consent education certainly in UK schools this trend towards BDSMbased content on TikTok raises some worrying questions.

The reaction to 365 DNI is the perfect example of that because the scenes so many are lusting after and now apparently recreating are not sexy theyre rape.
Netflix describes the film as follows A fiery executive in a spiritless relationship falls victim to a dominant mafia boss who imprisons her and gives her one year to fall in love with him. Already you read the premise with a flinch. Googling it you can see that after its initial February release in Poland it received criticism for romanticising kidnapping. But what it never received backlash for was its glorying of sexual abuse – for which the film does heavily.

Within 10 minutes of watching Netflixs 365 DNI there is a scene of sexual assault. Dominant mafia boss Massimo played by Michele Morrone is on a private jet with two of his colleagues and one female cabin crew member. After being informed that their cocaine has been stolen he gets up closes a curtain and accosts the wideeyed cabin crew member – his employee – who looks at him nervously before he pushes her on her knees to give him oral sex. The threeminute scene which is intermitted with scenes of female lead Laura played by AnnaMaria Sieklucka masturbating alone is rough with him holding the cabin crew members head onto him the entire time and choking her without letting her come up for air before finishing and walking back to his seat.

Its this kind of rough sex people seemingly watch the film for but this is not simply rough sex this is rape. Not only does Massimo never get verbal consent from the woman the fact shes an employee of his trapped on a place with three mafia bosses is an obvious and unsubtle abuse of power. The abuse continues throughout the film after he kidnaps his victim Laura and threatens her with violence warning her she will stay with him for at least a year so he can convince her to fall in love with him side note if we havent mentioned the film is also absolutely awful.

He tells her he will never touch her without her permission which she says he will never have and yet in one scene puts his hands down her trousers and sexually assaults her in front of other people. In another he restrains her on a bed and forces her to watch him have sex with another woman while she visibly tries to escape. After she verbally begs him to stop as he licks and molests her – all the while with a look on her face thats meant to convince the viewer she actually likes it – before he gets up annoyed and leaves her.

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