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The Wonder Years Star Danica McKellar Says Family Brings Her Joy

I was invited to walk the runway and this cause is very important to me. I am very interested in supporting women and I am a huge health fanatic! Because Im so busy I coined a term multitasking which means finding small ways to exercise while doing something else like squats while brushing your teeth.

My mom we are very close. She is 70 years old and looks amazing. Weve been eating organic food since I was a kid before it was all the rage. I am so grateful to have grown up with her in my life. We had great moms on the set of [Wonder Years] thats part of why we came off well. This army of moms mine Fred [Savage]s Joshs [Saviano]s and Jasons [Hervey].

They made sure we had enough school time. Its great to be able to help my mom now. We do but we are all very busy. Dan Lauria who played [Freds] father played my father in my 2018 Christmas movie for Hallmark. I keep in touch with Josh and Fred. We try! It was a great experience but I didnt have any perspective on my character at the time because I was so focused on school. My parents emphasized education health and family over Hollywood which is why I never went to Hollywood parties or did anything crazy.

Definitely because people still remember it. Its the 31st anniversary of the release of The Wonder Years but the ripple effect is still here. People who watched the show when it was running are now parents. I get messages that say My kids use their math book. I was going back and forth between school on set and my actual school which was Harvard Westlake a very challenging prep school so I wasnt skimping on education thats for sure. But we didnt even go to the shows first Emmy Awards because my dad whos still a busy developer in San Diego planned a river rafting trip for him my sister and I and there was no other time it could happen. .

We watched the show win [Best Comedy Series in 1988] on a little old TV in a motel room. I remember jumping on the bed and saying Yay I won! then we went to sleep woke up at 5am went to the river and had the trip of our lives! Thus among many examples they taught me that family is more important than fame. It made a big difference for me. He is a great companion sweet supportive loving. We each brought a child into our marriage Hunter is 14 and my son Draco is 8. We are raising them together. Watching their friendship develop they just play around and have a lot of fun. What a bless!

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