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The Winter Soldier Should Stay Far Away From the MCU’s Thunderbolts

Marvel might bring Bucky back in the Thunderbolts movie, but this might derail a lot of the character development from his Winter Soldier days.The Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced many concepts from Marvel Comics, but not all have made the jump over to the big screen. One of these that’s still missing is that of the Thunderbolts, which is essentially Marvel’s equivalent to DC’s Suicide Squad.

A group of former villains united to defend the Earth in the Avengers’ stead, the Thunderbolts present an interesting opportunity in the current MCU. Unfortunately, while a movie involving the team is finally in the works, one of the potential members doesn’t really belong.Reportedly set to appear in Thunderbolts, Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier, is still seeking redemption and soul-searching after losing his best friend. But given his current path and the general premise of the Thunderbolts, he shouldn’t be anywhere near the team. Not only would this derail his development, but it also speaks to a huge missed opportunity with the character in the movies. Here’s why Bucky shouldn’t have anything to do with the upcoming Thunderbolts movie or its eponymous team.

For much of his MCU history, Bucky Barnes was the brainwashed assassin known as the Winter Soldier. As this deadly and cold killer, Bucky took down targets without prejudice. These included the parents of Tony Stark, something that Bucky didn’t even realize until after his programming began to fade. Since then, he’s worked alongside several Avengers, namely his former friend Steve Rogers, the original Captain America. Not only did they fight side by side during the Civil War of the Sokovian Accords, but he also helped save the universe with numerous other heroes in the “Battle for Earth.In between some of these movies, Bucky had gone to Wakanda in order to receive treatment for his harrowing and torturous past. Now, after the events of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, he’s finally more at peace with himself and the world than he’s been in decades. However, putting him on a group full of villains will completely upend that, which is why his being in Thunderbolts is such a bad idea.

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