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The trailer for Gotham Knights shows Nightwing in action

Fans are getting another look at the Gotham Knights with a new trailer showing more gameplay of the upcoming superhero title ahead of its October release.

Fans are getting another promising look at the Gotham Knights with a new trailer showing more gameplay of the upcoming superhero title. Announced in 22 Gotham Knights will serve as a reboot and spiritual successor to Rocksteadys popular Batman Arkham series. Developed by Batman Arkham Origins studio WB Montreal Gotham Knights will see players take control of popular BatFamily members Nightwing Batgirl Red Hood and Robin as they advance to defend the titular city in the wake of Batmans mysterious death. The main antagonists of the Gotham Knights are the Court of Owls a secret society that seeks to gain control of Gotham City with the help of its feared enforcer Talon.

While Gotham Knights is unrelated to the previous Batman Arkham series in terms of narrative it shares many gameplay elements with the series an emphasis on stealth combat and battles that will keep players stealthy. Eliminate enemies from shadows. With a wide range of tools and martial arts maneuvers. When the Gotham Knights were first revealed fans were treated to a slight taste of the game during the fight as Batgirl and Robin wrestled with Mr. Freeze. Later the gameplay trailers for Gotham Knights will show off the games many new additions to the proven Arkham formula such as a large selection of vehicles that the team can use to travel across Gothams open world customizable outfits for each hero and characterspecific abilities such as mystical powers. The controversial Red Hood.

A new trailer for the Gotham Knights has been revealed as part of Summer Game Fest 222 giving enthusiastic fans a closer look at the gameplay of the upcoming superhero title. The world premiere featured the Gotham Knight version of Dick Grayson also known as Nightwing. The blueclad hero gives an audio narrative describing his desire to protect the city that has long been his home then swings into action on the streets of Gotham City with spin attacks escarma wand strikes and even some shots. Nightwings new hightech glider allows him to travel over rooftops in search of crime and villain to stop. Viewers can also check out some alternate Nightwing costumes which will allow players to customize the Gotham Knights team of masked crime fighters as they see fit. The full trailer for Gotham Knights Nightwing can be seen on Warner Bros. Games on the official YouTube.

Despite rumors that the Gotham Knights will be delayed in the wake of Rocksteadys Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League being postponed to next year the game will release on October 25 albeit on Gen 1 platforms only. Currently like PlayStation 5 and Xbox. X/S series. In addition it was also confirmed that Gotham Knights will only support players through online coop much to the disappointment of fans hoping to take to the streets with their friends like all four playable Gotham Knight heroes at once. One.

Despite these minor disappointments Gotham Knights are looking to pick up where the Rocksteadydeveloped Batman Arkham series left off by introducing an upwardly mobile openworld superhero title around some of the most iconic supporting characters in the popular Batman legend. With the October release of Gotham Knights approaching DC fans wont have to wait any longer to defend Gotham from the Court of Owls in WB Montreals latest comic based on the books as they play many of Batmans most iconic characters. Students including Nightwing.

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