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The problem of the death of the young man of justice has worsened a lot

The Young Justice 4 season finale brought back a classic superhero gimmick from the comics that even the crew thought had gotten tiresome.

The actionpacked finale of Young Justice season 4 continues the problem of characters faking their deaths in exchange for progressively diminishing returns. This is ironic given that the series has also been praised for how it handles death in a much more realistic way than most superhero shows where characters like Wally West Kid Flash and Ted Kord Blue Beetle die permanently. The only story hook that gets recycled more than the heroes faking their deaths to fool the villains is the recurring story element of Young Justices traitors within the various hero squads.

The penultimate episode of Young Justice season 4 Over and Out ends with a sharp event in which most of the heroes opposing the invasion of Earth appear to have been killed and a Super Boy with the brains washing prepares to kill superman. The opening scene of Young Justice season 4 Death and Rebirth resets the stakes as General Zod speaks to the inhabitants of Earth and tells them that he intends to remake the world of him on New Krypton. While most of the Justice League is on the loose all of the heroes working to prevent Zod and his minions from escaping the Phantom Zone in the previous episode appear to have perished.

It is soon revealed that both teams of heroes have tricked Zod and his followers into thinking they have been defeated. The first scene after the title card finds the Justice Leagues Nightwing who apparently died in the Castle of Solitude stumbling over the bodies of his friends and the wrecked vital ship that the Emerald Empress had shot down. . This horrible scene soon unfolds as Miss Martian greets her teammate and explains that she and her teammate Telepath Saturn Girl have managed to create an illusion for everyone but Superman after her due date. While some of the assembled heroes were injured they all survived thanks to Saturn Girls quick thinking though this revelation softened the shock of the previous episode considerably.

Nightwing revealed that he pulled a similar trick when he infiltrated the Castle of Solitude trying to prevent Zod and his minions from getting stronger using the castles advanced technology. When his position was revealed the everimportant Nightwing of the Young Justice displayed the skill he was famous for by faking his own death. He did so with a combination of a meditative style taught by Batman and slashing his forehead with the blade of one of his WingDings mimicking a classic professional wrestling trick. The wound bled profusely but not fatally and when combined with his seemingly stopped heart Lord Zod convinced Nightwing that he was no longer a threat.

While these explanations accurately explained how the heroes survived and set them up to fight the bad guys in the Young Justice season 4 finale they also undermined the seasons drama and continued in the direction of the heroes seemingly escaping death. too easily. Even Nightwing seemed to concede the point sarcastically to Miss Martian saying that faking his deaths was the best trick weve ever had. One weve pulled off in a very good way. Hopefully this gimmick gets a breather in Young Justice season 5 assuming the series is renewed for another season.

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