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The Matrix movies, ranked worst to best

He is the one two three four and five as we look at the the Matrix movies ranked worst to best.

The Matrix movies are an iconic sci fi franchise from the minds of the Wachowski sisters Lana and Lilly. The twisted tale of the Matrix is complex and captivating from the original movie in the late 90s introducing fans to the dystopian tale of a simulated reality that encompasses humanity all the way to the fourth film released in 2021 that picked up the story that was left behind almost two decades prior. But how would the Matrix movies fare if we ranked them worst to best?

In this guide we take a look at each movie including the collection of animated shorts The Animatrix to shine light on what positives and negatives were brought to the franchise. One impressive thread that follows through 22 years of movies is the titular Thomas Anderson aka Neo played by Keanu Reeves in each and every feature length movie. Likewise Trinity played by Carrie Anne Moss returns in each to reprise her role. However much like the Matrix itself theres a multitude of factors that build up a reality and we must take each into account.Here we go then The Matrix movies ranked worst to best. And if you need to support your Matrix movie fix then we have got our The Matrix streaming guide including The Animatrix as well as our guide on how to watch The Matrix movies in order.

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