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The Mandalorian: Who Will Be the Main Villain in Season 3?

With The Mandalorian’s third season set to hit Disney+ in early 2023, we have to wonder who Din and Grogu will be pitted against next.

With the third season of The Mandalorian on its way to Disney+ sometime in February 2023, fans are wondering who Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) will be facing next in his and his young ward’s travels across the galaxy. Star Wars has always hosted a rich and colorful collection of characters who have surprised and delighted over the years. Many of them would make for great adversaries against our protagonist.

Before diving into season 3 possibilities, fans will be happy to know that the series has been renewed for season four. Leaked photos from the season three set of The Mandalorian have revealed the iconic gray and red aesthetic of Imperial sets and what looks like a red helmet in the styling of Red Troopers from The Last Jedi. The validity of these leaks was given strength by Making Star Wars, which also discussed a supposed combat scene between Din Djarin and these red-clad enemies. In addition, it is also likely that the Praetorian Guards will get themselves involved in Din and Grogu’s travels. Fans will remember that the Praetorian Guards were an elite team working under Supreme Leader Snoke and are meant to be particularly powerful users of the Force (even if Rey and Kylo Ren knocked them around like bowling pins in The Last Jedi).

Snoke himself may even make an appearance if we consider the cloning storyline hinted at in season two. We can be understandably wary about any mention of the villains from the newest Star Wars trilogy. Especially when fans feel that Snoke’s potential as the latest malicious force in the galaxy was effectively cut short in The Last Jedi (before being made even less impactful with that one reveal in Rise of Skywalker). Still, the writing team on The Mandalorian has proven themselves numerous times by this point. Who says they aren’t capable of doing something cool with the cloning idea, especially if the Praetorian Guard will appear with all their powers on full display.

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