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The Last of Us Part 1 comparison images show how much the environments have changed

A fan of The Last of Us compares some of the environmental shots in the remake trailer to areas in the original game.

thelastofuspart1ellieaimsdavid After several months of rumours The Last of Us Part 1 has been officially confirmed with the remake getting its first trailer at Summer Game Fest. While gameplay from the original The Last of Us will apparently be modernized in the PS5 remake many fans have focused on the visuals.

Unsurprisingly many gamers have zeroed in on the new character models for The Last of Us Part 1 noting how strong the facial animation is within the new version. From Ellies anger at killing David to Joels intensity during certain scenes the two leads feel more real. The Clicker seen in this trailer also looked amazing with lots of detail on his mushroomcovered body compared to the muddy textures of the original game. However some environmental shots were also included in the reveal trailer with one player focusing on them through comparison photos.

Reddit user DavidClue3 shared three different shots of the remakes first trailer with the first image showing the most obvious changes. Showcasing a city filled with water the original games liquid pales in comparison to the new versions detailed water. The reflections can be clearly seen as well as a lot more vegetation around the pond something that should make the games levels much more immersive. The Savage Starlight poster is also much cleaner.

tloupart1water The second image highlights the university with the sky much darker in the new version an appropriate change considering Joels injury at this location. Along with some tall grass that seems perfect for enhancing stealth gameplay like what is seen in The Last of Us 2 the building and statue look more detailed. Interestingly redditor DavidClue3 noted that one of the university buildings is missing from the remakes shot suggesting that the area could have been changed or expanded. While this is just speculation the university would work well as a more open section.

tloupart1college The final image shows the bridge near the end of the game and players will likely remember the area well as it occurs shortly before Joels assault on the Firefly hospital. As several commenters pointed out the biggest change with the new version is the mountains in the distance as they are much more textured and more realistic. The trees are bigger and there is also more foliage just like with the other environments highlighted in DavidClue3s comparison.

tloupart1bridge Based on whats been shown so far for The Last of Us Part 1 Naughty Dog has clearly made some substantial visual upgrades. Assuming the improvements to the game are just as significant this new version could be worth a look for new and old fans alike.

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