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The Greatest Showman 2? Hugh Jackman Responds To Chatter About A Sequel

The Greatest Showmans Hugh Jackman has responded after Michelle Williams expressed interest in a sequel.A tried and true genre in the film world is musicals which have succeeded at the box office and Awards Season for decades. One of the most recent blockbuster hits that have hit theaters over the past few years is Michael Graceys The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman. And after chatter about a sequel Jackman has responded to the possibility of reprising his role as P.T. Barnum.

The Greatest Showman did great at the box office when it hit theaters in 2017 and the hit songs by Pasek & Paul continue to be popular in the years since its release. Since then fans have been hoping to see either a stage adaptation or a movie sequel with Michelle Williams recently confirming that she WOULd be interested in playing Charity Barnum again. Hugh Jackman was asked by People if he WOULd be interested in a musical sequel first joking before giving an honest answer by saying. Listen if you know anything about my filmography you WOULd know I Am totally against sequels in every shape or form. No more than nine films. I Am always open if they come up with a good idea. Yeah Am open.

Someone cue the soundtrack because it looks like Hugh Jackman is ready to Come Alive if the right story for The Greatest Showman 2 comes together. And with Michelle Williams eager to make more memories she can share with her family perhaps a big screen sequel could come together after all. Although with Disney now in charge of 20th Century Fox and its properties the decision ultimately comes down to the House of Mouse.

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