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The Daily Stream: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Mixes Unrelenting Excitement With Valuable Lessons

There are more supporting characters in FMA than there are in the army. On the one hand there is Scar the unsung antihero of the series. Scar is Ishvalan a town massacred by the army of Amastris. So he now he seeks revenge on the government alchemists including the innocent Ed.

Scar is not the only international character. A handful of characters come from the Xing Nation which is an alternative to China much like Amestris is to Germany. Prince Ling Yao along with his bodyguard Lan Fan & Fu befriends Elrics while Princess May Chang bonds with Scar Their friendship helps along the face from heel to heel.

Back in Amestris is Izumi Curtis the wise but moody chemistry teacher at Elrics. She may insist that she is just a housewife but she is one of the strongest characters in both handtohand combat and alchemy. Finally Van Hohenheim the mysterious mysterious father of Ed Waal If I said more about him I would give a lot. Not all faces are friendly. One of the most evil belongs to Solf J. Kimblee the Scarlet Alchemist. He has the sadism of a serial killer and the temper of a philosopher and his white suit is proof that evil is coming out of fashion. Kimblee is far from the most dangerous villain in the series.

This title belongs to Homunculi seven artificial humans. Among their ranks are Lust the Lascivious whose claws will make a wolverine blush Envy the Jealous a mutant whose true self is a greenskinned monster and Pride the Arrogant a mass of shadows found in humble form. of a child . Did you notice a pattern here? Yes all Homunculi were created from one of the Seven Deadly Sins. His father expelled from himself what preserves the human being less than God. Dissatisfied with humanity the Father seeks the eclipse of God as a complete being.

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